Sunday, 2 February 2014

I'm worried, flustered.. scared out of my wits. I don't seem to remember much from the yester.
the way he raised me up everyday, from a fall I couldn't stop
The way he made me smile, the way he  smiled
the little things he did, our long stories,
the nights that seemed too short, and days without him that seemed endless
the walks, the food, the love; the memories have been washed way by the shores of an endless ocean that is time.

I don't seem to remember much from the yester.
The dark has given in to the light and the light has faded into another darkness. Now, theres only an emptiness 
like the  different lives we are steadily pacing towards.

So tomorrow, love, what when we are gone?
When the pages of the stories we hold so dear today, 
house only dust, and the memories seem meager
lost in translation amongst the newer sagas
what if i don't remember these, what if there's no you in my endless ocean and all i want is to hold my breath to save the lost drop that you are?
To diminish my existence for your survival..
How much harder would I have to try?
What will take me through? Through an emptiness that you leave behind,
a void no one else can fill? Through the destruction that my deceitful self puts you through.?
Should I then take to my forgetful memory too?

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