Saturday, 27 December 2014

Slowly,  but steadily we are drifting apart into two distant universes.

Everything feels painfully new and I wish on the canvas of our togetherness, there were splashes of white, green or even an occasional yellow , not just a smothering red.

I wish it echoed in splendor foggy scenes of us by the creek, the taste of the vannila half moons we gulped to save our velvet twilights, the sea's soulful lullabies and the bees singing morning songs to the sleeping buds.

I promise to have settled for even shadows cast by an uninvited grey or black, had I known red to be the only tint to hold us together.

In my world,  red has always been the colour of the dying sun pleading the ocean to not let go. 
The tears of a dying moon waving the sun an adieu.
The colour of the a distant planet long separated from its elements, screaming out loud to me of an oblivion. 

The painful colour of your ruby eyes as we parted on that rainy night.

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