Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Embracing change

We live in a world of constant fear!  A realm of perpetual inconsistencies of nature-some people are able to find the beauty in it, and well the others like me, we dread the instability, for reasons of our own!
 Everything around you, is one day, bound to change. Like it or not, accept it or not, your world today is not the same tomo. As a matter of fact, its not going to be the same the very next moment that u know of.
Probably that’s the reason behind this fear- one so constant, so painful, and so reasonably dreaded!
What when everything around u changes in a jiffy, all infront of ur very own eyes. And u stand there, looking at all you ever had go away.. right infront of you; helpless, disabled and clueless.
There’s a way this world works.  When they say nothings constant, they sadly meant life too. People go away, forever. And u realise the eternity that u wrote about only in your poems isnt a fact. They move  to an oblivion only your drug gives you. Freed of the emptiness, solitude and the darkness that dwelled inside of them! They’re gifted all that and more.. and as life drains out of them, they’re free of their fears- only helping trigger a new set of the same within the people who held them dear:  A fear of losing people in their lives.

When this loss of ur beloved happens when ur too young, contrary to what u may believe, wht happens is not the inability to understand the gravity of the situation but slowly and sadly, a dread is built up. A fear, of being unable to listen to their voice anymore, to not feel their love, to not know their caressing! You realize an emptiness creeps into you at occasions- one devoid of emotions, strength and love- that adds to a negativity within you- but one that only you are aware of.
It might be the same reason that you don’t wish to let people go- not as easy as you should.  Because when that happens, your emptiness grows. A multiple fold in just a moment- the moment that you realize they’re gone!

This very moment, you know you want some stability in your life. The people, the feelings, the places, u need them to remain the same cuz, knowingly or not, you’ve allowed yourself to attach to them a set of your most precious feelings and those feelings, you don’t want them diluted or destroyed.

Maybe this is why life is so difficult for people like me. Because we attach emotions; to everything that we believe is ours. These emotions, they’re non-detachable, unchangeable.
Drown it does in our sadness, but at the end of it all, maybe all we really need to do is move on and believe. Believe that  though things may seem different forever, our memories and hope will take us through. Because what we have  today is true; the very existence of it is a blessing.

 Its true that nothing but change is constant, but maybe that is really our test- our real test and maybe all we need to do is just go with the flow- as they say, no wound is too deep for the magic of time to heal!