Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I've tried my hardest possible to explain. But I don't seem to comprehend the littlest of any of it.

But then again, how does one explain phenomena as abstract and as endearing as these? How does one describe in a few worthless words  inexplicable, unadulterated  beauties such as first love, the sunrise, a baby's laugh or a mother's love?

You're going have to deal with it, love; deal with your underrated  beauty while the rest of us try, but always in vain, to give them words or strokes of colored ink or captures of pixels and bits.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Floating Hopes.

This is where I'd rather have been today.. random doodle during the Urban Design class. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

I can feel it!
You, and you alone; in a darkness of your own!
Murmering to yourself,
Analyzing the things gone wrong;
the things you could have set right.
I can hear you murmering, in a voice so quaint
That your fire has been extinguished
That your light has long gone.

But don't you see?
Don't you see the rest of the world,
Walking in the brightness of a light that you have spread?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

When I am done with all there is to do, when I am left free from obligations, I will let my life be consumed by my passion for you.
I hope true love finds me then; my true love for penning these silly words down.
I hope it takes me to places far away; places of green and blue, of unearthy big boxes growing from the earth, of mountains and Valleys, of seas and beaches.
Most of all, I hope I will have you in me all along. That when I sit inside a lonely cottage in a land that only i'm familiar to, you will flow out of me and together we will tell the world of our unspoken tales.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Do you see the recurring shades of gray, on this  canvas of mine?

Fill them now..with hues of blue and shades of red.

With my memories of you, and the life we led!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Amongst a seemingly perfect world,  I caught a glimpse of a flawless you and wondered...
Are you hiding your imperfections too?

Monday, 19 August 2013


As I painfully sketched the portrait of the lady torn in pain, dressed but ill-clad, rich in  hunger and poverty, I reminisced your unparalleled passion for painting.
Landscapes basking in the glory of the sun setting half way across the blue skies that gave in willingly to the radiance of the red- a beauty only you could imagined.. The solitary bird of prey taking flight, boldly and fearlessly across the hefty mountains that stood in an exalting pride.. The cattle grazing in the vast expanses of green shiny by sun's rays hitting the unassuming morning dew..
Though you depicted joy and relentless hope for a better future, years back while you wreathed in pain and tore your insides in agony I knew less.
Now that I'm no more ten, now that I'm almost as old as you are when you dreamed of a life with me in it, I understand.
The way you sketched bright landscapes gleaming of hope and joy and taught me lessons that no one else, in no other way could have, I will sketch for you.
For our sake, in them, veiled sorrows and hidden pain will exist no more.
They'll speak only of the universe of beauty you took my world into.


Lulled by the rhythm of you, awed by the music in you, I find myself pondering.
The green has come alive; the blue is vibrant by your touch.
A year's time is too long a wait!
Keep the tunes humming, stay for a little longer.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Amplify His Grace on your ever radiant face a multifold!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stark Miles

Dad, mom, sis. We might have a lot of miles untraversed. But I promise you, my heart's with you and only you. Every day of my being, every second of my existence it beats relentlessly in the memories of us; in the dear hope that soon enough we will all be together creating more of them.
Its alright for the night..  won't be long till the stars get tired and the sun wakes up from its slumber- a  slumber that has felt longer than the usual. Its just this one night and its alright for the night.
Tonight trust me to bear the distance, understand the unsaid words, unleash the woven dreams.
Tonight, I'll deal with a life without you by side. Though jittery is the night and I wish the giggles from across the room adorned my face, I'll bear the night in lieu of your promise.
Your promise of a "million days together with you" again!
With you right here by my side, right here in this life and the hereafter!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lately, I expend every single moment of my being  wondering what life would be like when  I leave your streets. Whether the familiar faces and known spaces can be replaced  by the new found ones.  Whether my eyes will still gleam of innocent hope, of love found and love lost, of the images  of the shadows I memorised while walking up your alley.
Whether you'd miss my footprints, my unassuming happiness that filled me as I trode your lonely streets wet by the july rains.
Whether   the diamonds born on your path as the sun caressed your feet, will remember me like I remember them.

When I lash ceaselessly in attempts to let go of my pain,  onto the same shores we walked our nights and sketched our stories, build your fort, push me away.

But when the pain is gone and the sun lights up my skies again, take me in, break the walls and let me stay.