Sunday, 22 September 2013

Stay at War

I have come to learn that the only battle that you will have to fight, the only war that you should intentionally wage is the one against yourself. The real test is to be in control. Because you are going to be only as happy as your let yourself be, only as successful as your let yourself take that one chance, try that one last time.

I  disagree with the notion that life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself. The moment our internal  battles end, life loses its purpose.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Promise me that when I'm gone, as I will be , my promises to stay, and to stay by your side forever will not be disdained.

That the castles of memories we built together, that we kept close guard of, and our coveted, precious moments will not be despised.

That you'd know, I left because I had to leave, and there was not enough strength to forge ahead,and I'd have stayed against all odds if only the sparks still stayed.

Promise me, with all you have, that I will no more be an essential, and that you will live, and live the life that you truly deserve.
What explains why  I wind up at your door each time I try to find myself?

When I relentlessly seek to belong, love, why are YOU my home?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Under a blanket of pitch black
studded by the yellow, the white, the blue
I have caught myself staring
With gleamy eyes into nothingness
Losing myself in the lone star among constellations
In the beauty of its solitude
The stories it dwells in
The pictures it lives by
The dreams its consumed by.

I stare at it often
And in hopeful dismay
Of your existence
 In some world out there
You caught by the same solitary star
I hope to myself,
that you will  think of me
As i do of you
As I do of us
That these distances,
These painful longings
We will traverse in our  thoughts!
At least in thoughts.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Because a part of my world has always dwelled in you.
A part of me that I never knew existed.
And now that you're here, and have shown me our world, this world I dwell in matters little.
Listen close as I tell you one last time.
Where you and I exist, in our happiness I survive.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I have come to learn that the road to happiness is pretty simple.

Analyze less.
Surround yourself with the people that value you; those who  make you happy.
Follow your heart, go for it.
When things that you always wanted to do appear before you, do it.

Above all, chase your passions. Mercilessly. 

Have you ever met those people that grow onto you so quick that you don't realize how you let them be an inevitable part of your being?

Do you have those people too, that have been so much a part of you for so long that obligations cease to exist.. that no matter how little time you spend together or how rarely you let your emotions flow they remain to be the crux of your happiness?

Have these two parts of your lives refused to love or accept each other?