Monday, 14 October 2013

Parallel worlds

Imagine there were to be a parallel world of parallel actions for every choice we made.

Another world, with you and I. 

Would we have met? Would I be happy without you there? Would I have let myself fall deep in your awe? 

Encapsulates in words things I could never have said.. or wouldn't let myself say!
Also, the most beautiful piece of writing I've read in the longest while.

"I will not go to war for you. The rival would be a soft thing whose worst crime was more comforting that my best deed. I see you look at her and the dust blows away from my breast. I’ve spent too much time not learning the color of your eyes to finally do so when they are waterlogged and veined. For now, your eloquence is enough, almost too much, a soft finger stroking a deviant hair away from my brow.

I’m not anti-social, darlin’. I’m just a fan of the grassy alternative to the battle field, even with its garter snakes and spider webs. Do you fancy wild flowers? I’ll return with a bouquet one day.

My hands are stiff from the rust of previous campaigns waged with the sternum’s shield. Some reluctant, others driven by something unstoppable which almost resulted in me believin’ in God, Cupid, and the Easter Bunny. I am unscathed yet there is an indention in my bed, which I enjoy both occupied and vacant; for the first time in a year, I can stretch onto those threadbare floral sheets, gazing past my sinking ceiling, the stammering celestial light-years above, and into my own dreams, my sleep logged with fantasies of incomplete characters.

Including you.Today, I wondered what would have happened if we’d met one year earlier; if I was the one who removed your earmuffs, making your ears vulnerable to the blinding realism of both equality and lust; whispered that taboo word, “forever”, into your ear; held your hand on a cobblestone pedestrium while making sure all five athletic fingers were still intact; charmed your parents.

One year earlier? I would’ve begged  for two more; the time to wander away and develop into something better, more fit. In this space between wist and contentment, I’ve fallen for someone which isn’t you: Fate, her uneven warrior legs racing around the clock, still managing to outrun the three of us. I will not go to war for you."

-Fonseca del sur

Saturday, 12 October 2013


"Will you please come? I want you to be there."
"How long will we take?"
"Two hours, now come!"
"No, Work."

"So when do we leave"
"Very early. I'd call you as soon as we wake up. Let's do this."

"Come down!"
"Why now? You can't ask me now. Its too late!"
"Long night yesterday, we are up only now. Come on over."

"Pack the right things- keep it all, clothes, socks, shoes, no money."
"I'll take the money, I'm keeping my wallet."

"Let's get down here."
"I'm hungry as f***"

"Two puris, two *fill name of wierd local dish*, *Screams FIVE CHAAAI"

"For the first time in my life, I love a dog."
"I can hear her howling. She's looking for us."
"She can't make it, leave her behind."
"Man, I hope she got back home."

"Can you believe this?"
Are we in heaven? This is better. This is paradise. I call this paradise"

"Remember this. Close your eyes. Take it all in. Capture it in your memories."
"No, we are not going to forget this."

"Will you write about this, from the very beginning?"
"Write? Why?"
"Our memories are in these moments, and I'm glad I spent them with you guys.
And these memories we made today, they are in our minds. Write about them, let them stay".

"I'm glad we had this journey. I'm glad it was with you.
At this time, this place, these people and you.
That is why this is too beautiful. Too beautiful to be true."

So here's to us, till I finally decide to write. till i find the right words to aptly  describe our little adventures in so many more heavens on earth.

Right and Wrong.

What's right? What's wrong? When, and how did we permit ourselves be so consumed by the superficiality around us that we started judging? Judging people by their deceitful appearances, moments by minutes, memories by pictures..

What's right and what's wrong?What are the standards? Who set them for us?

Factors of our accidental birth, a society so exhausted in gauging by superficiality, or the accidental choices that we have made?

What if I told you this: There's no right, there's no wrong. If there's anything, there are perspectives. There is happiness and there is sadness that comes out of an act. If you are happy, you are doing pretty damn right.

Do not let your fate be written by those who failed to write their own.