Saturday, 12 October 2013


"Will you please come? I want you to be there."
"How long will we take?"
"Two hours, now come!"
"No, Work."

"So when do we leave"
"Very early. I'd call you as soon as we wake up. Let's do this."

"Come down!"
"Why now? You can't ask me now. Its too late!"
"Long night yesterday, we are up only now. Come on over."

"Pack the right things- keep it all, clothes, socks, shoes, no money."
"I'll take the money, I'm keeping my wallet."

"Let's get down here."
"I'm hungry as f***"

"Two puris, two *fill name of wierd local dish*, *Screams FIVE CHAAAI"

"For the first time in my life, I love a dog."
"I can hear her howling. She's looking for us."
"She can't make it, leave her behind."
"Man, I hope she got back home."

"Can you believe this?"
Are we in heaven? This is better. This is paradise. I call this paradise"

"Remember this. Close your eyes. Take it all in. Capture it in your memories."
"No, we are not going to forget this."

"Will you write about this, from the very beginning?"
"Write? Why?"
"Our memories are in these moments, and I'm glad I spent them with you guys.
And these memories we made today, they are in our minds. Write about them, let them stay".

"I'm glad we had this journey. I'm glad it was with you.
At this time, this place, these people and you.
That is why this is too beautiful. Too beautiful to be true."

So here's to us, till I finally decide to write. till i find the right words to aptly  describe our little adventures in so many more heavens on earth.