Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I don't remember when.. when it is that you transformed from a mere want into an insatiable need. 
Insatiable, unquenchable need!
When I retrospect, I realize you have been a part of me all the way through; even before my eyes placed yours in the crowded street. The boundaries, the timelines, they all seem blurred. My past before you seems to diminish at the mere sight of you, like its existence has been mulled over since your arrival. It all seems blur, like you've been filling the empty parts of me even before you stepped in.
I don't remember when you transformed from a mere want into a need .. but I believe, you have been a part of me, an obliterable part of me since my being.

Monday, 22 July 2013

tonight ill let u be... tonight ill set you free..
 sacrifice the night to the moon u long for.
 drench in her light, sleep in her calm
because tonight ill let you be.
Touch the breeze caressing your skin
sway along, play along
cuz tonight ill set you free.

unite with the tranquil seamless rivers,
feel its sutlety , entwine in its drama

tonight im setting you free.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


What are we, without a little bit of each other within us?
You and I are one; with the same reasons for existence, 
varying degrees but fighting the same battles.
What keeps our defragmenting world together
Is that we are of a single soul.

Nothing but it. Nothing but it.

What am I without you? 
An unsung song, an untold story
A world unexplored
Are you the same  without me?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Before you let those three words flow through your lips, did you stop to think of the battles we'd have to fight? Whether when you and I, become "us", against the only world we ever knew, the wars we wage will be worth? Whether the hope in your eyes, will still gleam when all we have would be "us"?

Before you let those unspoken words take flight, should you think? 


Did I tell you this?
That more often than not, I've prayed that the nights didn't draw their curtains..
 For that one moment, one touch of life with you.  Just you.
That you are my essential , and are more a part of me than myself.
That more than seldom, I have felt time halting, so that you and I be. Just be.
The wet earth under our feet and the blanket of stars over our souls,
The tears on the morning leaves, the frown on the untrodden paths.. they are for us. All for us.
These words of mine, engraved deep in the stone that's my heart, they flow for you. Only for you.

Would you?

Would you love me,
if I wore my inside out?
If I tore my masks, undressed my soul?
The times I tell you life's my game,
would you see deeper  than my sculpted smiles?
When I have fallen apart,
and the pieces of me are scattered
beyond my comprehension,
would you fix me, help me find the missing bits?
Swaying , drifting, dancing to the tunes of this breeze
like the directionless fallen leaves
would you be my compass when I am lost?
When I am gone and  on my own,
would you still stand for the things I stood,
against the things they say?
When am reduced to nothing,
as I one day will be,
would you search beyond my fading aura?
I hope you do... I hope you do!