Saturday, 20 July 2013

Would you?

Would you love me,
if I wore my inside out?
If I tore my masks, undressed my soul?
The times I tell you life's my game,
would you see deeper  than my sculpted smiles?
When I have fallen apart,
and the pieces of me are scattered
beyond my comprehension,
would you fix me, help me find the missing bits?
Swaying , drifting, dancing to the tunes of this breeze
like the directionless fallen leaves
would you be my compass when I am lost?
When I am gone and  on my own,
would you still stand for the things I stood,
against the things they say?
When am reduced to nothing,
as I one day will be,
would you search beyond my fading aura?
I hope you do... I hope you do!

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