Monday, 17 June 2013

Castle of Time

Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build too.
-Henrik Ibsen 

I'm building our castle, a little each day. Every day, brick by brick, stone by stone, I'm building our castle a little each day. With the foundation of your selfless love, the care, the caressing and in awe of your power to sense the subtle nuances of the theater that is me; to know am flawed and still love every detail of mine…For you, I'm building our castle a little each day. Enshrining our memories and keeping them fortified, letting our sunshine peek through the little windows and the cracks made upon drying, trapping our moment within the fortress of its walls; I'm building our castle a little day. For the sparkle in my eye when I see you smile, the silent joy in finding a part of me in the flawless you, the selfish happiness that I need search no more, and the emptiness that fills me when you bid me adieu, the urges to turn back just one last time, did i tell you, for me, I’m building our castle a little each day?

So when one day you are gone, or I have no choice but to leave, our castle will stay. Through the cracks doubting its worth, and the tiny windows that once questioned its stability, the world will see our moments radiating out. And if my wish were to come true, they’ll enlighten our lives with the brilliance of the happiness we once shared.

Though bodies apart and souls away, untouched by time,  you and I and our memories will stay in the castle I’m building, a little each day.

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