Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monsoon, you beauty!

And monsoon is also when you understand how truly beautiful it is to be the solitary traveller.
It rained all night today. There's an added beauty to the city when it rains. Life just seems to get a lot more meaningful. Sitting in the balcony, staring at the dense black sky that seemed to hide all there is in the heavens and beyond, I thought to myself:

More often than not, maybe we should take some time out. No matter how busy our lives get, would it harm to take a moment off for our lonely selves just to stare at the vastness of the firmament contemplating? The stars seems to sketch their own portraits.. do you too wonder what stories they are dying to tell? Once in a while maybe we can excuse ourselves from being utterly crazy just gazing at the stars, believing that time has taken a perfect halt just for us and understanding how small we really are in comparison to the universe. Yet, how huge a difference this small entity, say you and I, can make!  Aren't we too tiny a speck in the galaxy of time and space? Yet, powerful beyond measure?

I hope it rains more often.

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