Sunday, 9 June 2013

'Religious' debacle

When we planned to shift back to India in 2008, my country was definitely not the least communalist. Being a Muslim didn't make it all easy. I wrote this for a competition in school, not for the sake of the competition but as a medium of finally venting what I felt. With a few tears shed and these few words penned down, I felt calmer, but 5 years hence when I look around  nothing here has changed. 

Cannons, guns, tear-gas- everywhere around
People claiming lives on their religions’ ground
A world has come, of which never had I thought
They laughed at their glory, while the innocent fought..

To prove their blood, they began their war
Little did they know my belief was at par
What had I done in my old and young??
They ruined my race; their glory they sung!!

A convolution of bodies, for days it has been
Not a loving soul, for years I have seen 
I glance upon the pools of blood
Lamenting their deeds, my eyes now flood

Dreamt I had, of a marvellous world
My life I have lost, my dreams they have hurled...
Has it added to the gems in their crown?
Nothing can I do, but revile and frown!!

I believed they would aid me shine
Among the carcasses, they left me whine 
They shattered my woven dreams
As death murks, my silence screams

Estranged are our enigmatic minds
And folded with darkness’ blinds... 
They killed my folks while asleep
Sorrows after sorrows, now I reap!! 

They walked off with fulfilled dreams
Drowning us in bloody streams
What had I done in my old and young??
They ruined my race; their glory they sung!! 

My silent scream was loud indeed
They walked away with a well-done deed

Their wretched wrath the dawn did see
With love, so much dearer our worlds would be
The timeless virtues are now far dead
Where would my life in the future head??
Show me once more my ecstatic world
A world where the truth is no longer hurled!!

Gone is the insouciance of my youth
A populace destroyed by hearts of no ruth... 
What had I done in my old and young??
They ruined my race; their glory they sung!! 

Oh good Lord!! Forgive their sin!!
For I truly believe, they are my kin!! 
Do they bear hearts so cold??
Do they endure the sights they behold?

Vanished from my youth are those frivolous days
When I amorously extolled the flowers of May
The gardens have deflowered; the streets have turned red
I walk through the road- now the corpses’ bed

Peace and love have grown too old
Terror and death now unfold
What had I done in my old and young??
They ruined my race, and their glory they sung!! 

No caste, no faith, no creed
Teaches them to slay for greed
Let’s now resolve to start anew
For an enlightened world- for me and you!!

O slayer!! Heed the innocent wry
I have no tears left to dry
Let the divergence die aside
In a blissful Heaven we shall abide!!

Eternal virtues if we blend
This bloody riot we would end
I crave to travel the same old road
And gaze the old deceased religious node

Tomorrow is new; a fresh sun would bask
For nothing but tranquility I would now ask
Browse the lexicon for a word called love
It’s shown before religion, the virtue- love!!

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