Sunday, 9 June 2013

Secret Rendezvous

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,there is a field. I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,the world is too full to talk about.Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense."
 Written four years back, I can't quite figure out why or for whom!                                                  

 I stand in the battle field of life

All through the years, saw nothing but strife
My forfeiture's the talk of the town
In spite of the might, I fall down

My soul thirsted for your fulgent smiles
But every minute, you proved the miles
You weren't there, you were never here
Nowhere beside, no where near

As days drew their curtains, the more I lost
In my own very world, sans love, I frost
The dark times, the lonely days, the empty street
My heart bruised, yet hoped we would meet

As the night smiled n day died,
You would come, my heart lied
My silent wry was loud enough to hear
And yet to my need, you paid a deaf ear

Didn't want to appear so weak
I smiled, even knowing the future was bleak
I see the flowers smiling, all aglow
To the populace, never let my feelings show

Wouldn't ask you to indemnify
Because u are the one people glorify
The nefarious devil, my joy enfolds
Your true colors to me, u unfold

The good old days are part of history
N my trials to the world would be a mystery

Oh.. I hear the call.. a silent knock!
The mighty killer, death, at my tears mock
I leave my world with unshared pain
An untold story, I still remain...

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