Sunday, 9 June 2013


With every step forward, the pain intensified..
Drenching her in sweats of hurt
A spasm of desperation taking over
Holding on to her glacial torso

In a cobweb of misery, rejection, failure
Happiness moving further away
As she stretched her arms but in vain
To feel the warm evening zephyr

Dying for a little sufferance
For the person she was
Than what they wished her to be
On knees asking for acceptance

As she stared into the vastness of firmament
She saw the vista fading
A horizon so bleak, so stark
Blinding her from all joy

Deep inside, a confused soul unvoiced
Trying hard to break away
From its solitary confinement
To a reality more radiant

In vain, the squelching pain
Bound her in a chain so strong
With every attempt to free herself
She found herself in stronger bounds

With tears running down her expressionless face
She drowned a little more in agony
She heard the melancholy raga
Reminding her of the things gone wrong

Yet to the world, she hid the pain
The pain of suffering, in her elusive smile
Draping her face in a well-knit mask
Hiding from the world, her unhappy self

She walked away among the crowd
Unnoticed, a stranger to remain
In a world so caught in its own bliss
Hoping the world was better than she knew..

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