Friday, 25 July 2014


They tried.
They warned me against my end that was u
Only, you were the beginning of all that was me
The end of my sorrow, my pain, my regret.
I was hiding beneath the mask you tore open
Layer by layer, i unfolded.

I wrote you in the stars, the galaxies
When came the night, bathed in ur glimmer

molded you in the sky- heedful of fragile clouds 
When came the rain, drenched in your tears 

I saw you in the rainbows- in the vivid hues and the myriad tints
Engraved deep in my veins, I cleansed my soul with yours 

­They warned me against an end that would be u
an impending tragedy- your  repellancy

But long after you've been gone 
In search of brighter stars, fuller galaxies and  softer skies 
I've been broken, mended and broken far worse again
A constellation of words have been let loose
Far too many sunsets have been spent in solitude

And I must have a broken judgement, to want it all over again
To accept the years of destruction, for a few moments of your sunshine. 

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